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The Search for Excellence Waveski Surfing Odyssey Tour 2021 Competition 

1 April – 30 September 2021 inclusive 


Waveski Adventurers is thrilled to announce confirmation of  The Search for Excellence Waveski Surfing Odyssey Tour 2021 competition to run from 1 April – 30 September 2021. 

We acknowledge the difficulty for many of from a travel perspective and  this competition is to enable all waveski surfers and kayak surfers from around the world to participate in an online virtual event where you get to surf at a break close to where you live or you can access.   

We understand that many of you are in some sort of restricted lockdown or full lockdown and this is why we are running the event over 6 months.   

The best way to provide you with information is by answers and questions which we have compiled below. 

  1. How does the competition work?
  2. We are asking for competitors to send in a video clip of their two best waves which must be taken at the same venue.  The medium to send in video is either via youtube or vimeo and needs to be sent to  waveskiadventurers.com
  3. Who owns the video/film clip?
  4. The video is owned by the person who took the film.  Waveski Adventurers will need to be given permission by the entrant that the video can appear on the waveskiadventurers.com website.  We would also like to be able to use some of the video taken as a compilation video for historical and archival purposes.  
  5. Is there a time period for taking the video?
  6. The video needs to have been taken during the competition window and both the entrant and person taking the film needs to declare this.
  7. How many times can I enter?
  8. You can submit up to two (2) footage video clips per month for each surf craft.  The highest scores per video clip will go towards overall final placings.  Video footage submitted must be taken at the same place but can be surfed on different days and times.  This will give each competitor a second chance each month to improve on their performance.  
  9. How much does it cost to enter?
  10. Entry is free ie no cost
  11. How can I obtain an entry form?
  12. Entry forms are available on line from the waveskiadventurers.com website
  13. What is the minimum/maximum age 
  14. There is no minimum nor maximum age category, although entrants under the age of 18 years will  require parent/guardian authority
  15. Are there categories?

There are three types of Surf Craft Waveski, Kayak HP and Kayak IC 

There will be open women’s and open men’s and at the end of the competition we will determine winners based on age, gender and also include adaptive.  For the purposes of this the age divisions as follows will profile noting that age is determined on the first day of the opening of the event which is 1 April 2021. 

Cadets – under 16 years 

Juniors – 17-20 years 

New Age – 21-29 years 

Seniors – 30-39 years 

Masters – 40-49 years 

Grand Masters 50-59 years 

Veterans 60-64 years 

Legends 65 years plus 

Adaptive – we will consider all aspects of ablement including wheelchair bound and non wheelchair bound and adopt the classifications under the international standards for ability/disability 


  1. Can I enter more than one category?
  2. Competitors can enter one category or two or all three
  3. Am I able to query the scores for my waves?
  4. Yes you can by writing to us via waveskiadventurers.com contact form.  This is an open and transparent event and we wish to assure all competitors that our judging is constantly being reviewed and is consistent with contemporary judging criteria.  We have also included the judging criteria on the contest page.    
  5. Is there any prize money or incentive for me to enter the event?
  6. There is a prize purse of $15,000 US noting that there is equal prize money for both women and men categories. We are also being supported by a number of surf craft manufacturers and suppliers of which we are extremely grateful.   We also believe that many of you would like the opportunity to show off what you are doing and enable you to feel connected to the waveski community during 2021. 

It is our chance to produce a  final video compilation showcasing the best in the World in 2021 with everyone having an opportunity to  participate and having a memory of what they did.   

The judging panel is made up Head Judge Norman Wright, judging Panel Luis Pedro Abreu and Joey Hall.  There may be other judges along the way to assist with final scores. 

The independent scrutineers/observers are two of the trustees from Waveski Adventurers,  Mary-Ellen King and Jane Walker.   


Jackie Dillon 

Managing Director 

Waveski Adventurers – a division of the 

Jacqueline Elizabeth Dillon family  group of companies