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First NameLast NameCountryDivisionCraftVideoW1W2Total
ZackBoydUSANew Age, Open MenKayak HPclick here2.734.67.33
ZackBoydUSANew Age, Open MenKayak ICclick here1.72.03.7
ZackBoydUSANew Age, Open MenKayak ICclick here2.963.636.59
WalterTomasettiArgentinagrand Masters, Open MenWaveskiclick here3.032.935.96
Walter BejanuelArgentinagrand Masters, Open Menwaveskiclick here.53.53
VirgileHumbertFranceNew Age, Open MenWaveskiclick here8.336.1714.5
VirgileHumbert (2)FranceNew Age, Open MenWaveskiclick here9.79.719.40
VirgileHumbert (3)FranceNew Age, Open MenWaveskiclick here6.237.113.33
VirgileHumbertFranceNew Age, Open MenWaveski - one manouvreclick here8.168.16
VirgileHumbertFranceNew Age, Open MenWaveski (4)click here6.97.9314.83

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