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Waveski surfing is enjoying a boom in exposure throughout the world with many events available for novice or the recreational level of surfer right up to the highly regarded and respected World Waveski Surfing Titles or World Surf Kayak Titles.

The dynamic team of Jackie Dillon, with her wealth of experience as both a world ranked champion waveski surfer and business entrepreneur, and Mary-Ellen King, intrepid traveler and creative artist are developing a path way for people from all walks of life to enjoy the sport of waveski and kayak surfing.

Whether you are an interested spectator, weekend social waveski surfer or right up to a wave charging radical surfer, there is something for you.

Our stories are from our experiences shared through our lens. This includes covering events, interviewing waveski and kayak surfers and uploading stories and photos from our travels around the globe.

Just as exciting, Waveski Adventurers acknowledges that for some people resources are very limited. As such, we have set up a Trust Program which enables waveski and kayak surfers to apply for funds which will enable them to follow their dreams and aspirations.

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Waveski Adventurers

Meet The Team

Waveski Adventurers is a group of dedicated individuals with a love for the sport.

  • Jackie Dillon

    Jackie Dillon - Author | Writer | Photographer | Founder

  • Mary-Ellen King

    Mary-Ellen King - Author | Writer | Photographer & Trustee

  • Jane Walker


  • Luis Pedro Abreu


Waveski Surfing

Waveski Surfing

Talent Support Program

The TSP a personal philanthropic program to assist those in Waveski and Kayaking Surfing.

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