Waveski Adventurers is excited to announce that the Talent Support Program (TSP) is now ready to receive applications from Waveski Surfers and Kayak Surfers.

The TSP is global and we encourage people over the age of 13 years worldwide to apply for funds to assist them in their endeavors.

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) which we hope will assist you in understanding how the TSP works.

Q – Where does the TSP get its funding from? 

A – TSP is a personal philanthropic program and is self funded without any external assistance.  The program will continue at the discretion of the trustees of Waveski Adventurers.

Q – I am 14 years old, can I apply for funds?

A –  The  TSP is available for applicants over the age of 13 years at time of application. Please note applicants under the age of 18 years require endorsement by a guardian or someone who can act on behalf of a minor (ie under the age of 18 years).

Q – Can we apply for team funding?

A –  Funds are for individuals only.

Q – I am a coach, am I able to apply for funding to assist in a coaching clinic and/or taking a team to an event?

A –  Funds are available for  accredited coaches who have endorsement and insurance by a recognised surf/waveski/canoe/kayak association or club to assist in a coaching clinic and/or taking a team to an event .

Q – What will the TSP pay for?

1. Assistance with entry fees for a recognised competition such as an international or national or local waveski or surf kayak event.

2. Assistance with travel/accommodation to participate in a recognised competition such as described in No. 1 above.

3. Assistance with coaching fees to support development in waveski or surf kayak.

Q – How are payments made?

1.Funds are paid direct to the recipient on presentation of receipts and/or invoices.

Q – I applied for funds to travel to a competition, I’ve had to cancel the travel, what do I do?

A – Application for funds for travel  such as plane tickets needs to include the cost of insurance cover in the event that you cannot travel.   Waveski Adventurers will need to be reimbursed for the funds applied for upon payment by the insurance company.

Q – I received funding through the TSP, how often can I reapply for funds?

A – There will be notification on the Waveski Adventurers website when funds will be available and anyone who meets the eligibility criteria can apply and re apply.

Q – Do I need to publicly acknowledge Waveski Adventurers that I have been supported by the TSP?

A – This will be negotiated and discussed separately with each recipient.

Q – What is the process for application for funds?

A – Fill out the online application form on this site.  Upon receipt of the application form, it will be checked for clarity and then forwarded to the Trustees for review.

Q – When will I know if my application is successful/unsuccessful?

A – We expect to have a turn around time of 1 (one) month depending upon the number of applications.

In summary, this is an exciting time  for Waveski Adventurers and we do hope to hear from you.