Information and update from our judging team headed up by Norman Wright with Luis Pedro Abreu and Joey Hall.
Competitors’ waves submitted for the Waveski Aventurers Surf Odyssey tour are judged according to contemporary surfing rules modified to apply to each discipline ie waveski and surf kayak.
Please note the following points
1. Commitment
2. Flow is really important on the wave as it highlights the connection the rider has to the wave.
3. Position on the wave whilst taking off and performing manoeuvres.
4. Wave choice , set waves that peel or waves that fold .
5. Whilst performing manoeuvres , positioning in the pocket/face /shoulder/foam will play a big part of scores.
6. When manoeuvres are created you must land and ride out to complete the move.
Judging scale
0.0 — 1.9 = Poor
2.0 — 3.9 = Fair
4.0 — 5.9 = Average
6.0 — 7.9 = Good
8.0 — 10.0 = Excellent