Waveski Adventurers is proud to support all these paddlers included in the Talent Support Program.

Nathan Le Bars and Steeven Le Bars from France; Darren Bason and Savannah Campbell from Australia and Francois Roesstorff from South Africa.


Waveski Adventurers are delighted to announce the next recipient of the Talent Support Program – kayak surfer Jordan Collins from Ireland. Jordan has been identified as a future champion and together with Hobson Kayaks, Waveski Adventurers are able to provide resources for a long boat. We wish Jordan every success!

Waveski Adventurers is proud to announce that Alexandra Giraldo Loechle from Lima Peru is the next Talent Support Program (TSP) Recipient. Alexandra Is an up and coming rider and dreams of becoming the first South American Women’s waveski champion.
Waveski Adventurers is delighted to support Alexandra through the provision of a custom made waveski, paddle and personal equipment.
Waveski Adventurers would also like to acknowledge the support shown by Nathan Eades Vice President of the World Waveski Surfing Association and Director of surf accessories Understated who has undertaken to assist with Alexandra’s coaching and development. We wish Alexandra every success.
Waveski Adventurers are thrilled to announce that Pablo Arrouays from France is the next recipient from the Talent Support Program (TSP) to receive funding to achieve his dreams. Pablo is pushing the boundaries of our sport searching for waves some of us can only imagine.…