Kieron Davies

Hello all the way from sunny Spain – well almost.  Humid conditions with a gentle breeze wafting through and  the first signs of Autumn with huge ocean swells letting us know that Pantin Beach cannot be taken for granted.

I caught up with Kieron Davies and his lovely partner Zoe who have just arrived from Devon.  What a delightful couple to interview and while Kieron is a typical Brit, unassuming and preferring to let his surfing do the talking, he took  time out from his busy schedule to share his thoughts about life, the planet and the universe and of course Waveski Surfing.

Did you know Kieron first discovered his love of the ocean and paddling when he was around 10 years old – courtesy of his Headmaster, Mr Ron Moore who mentioned it to Keiron’s Mum.  He began surfing a ‘surf shoe’ but it didn’t take long before he moved over to a Waveski and this is where he’s stayed.

He has experienced the peaks and troughs of our sport from the glamour times of the late 80’s and 90’s where Keiron amongst others enjoyed a cult status,  to the quiet times of the early 2000s and to what we now see a  reincarnation of Waveski Surfing.

His most favourite surf breaks are the ones in Ireland where one can surf pretty much all day without so much as seeing another human being.  One could be forgiven for thinking he’s stark raving mad wanting to surf in what one might describe as freezing your backside off!

Luckily for Keiron he’s been injury free – from surfing at least – and keeps his fitness intact by ocean rowing and  leading a healthy and virtually stress free life.  His happy go lucky disposition hides  a competitive warrior who takes the sport of Waveski Surfing very seriously.


He’s aiming to add to his collection of Grand Masters champion trophies and sees his biggest threat coming from the likes of Steve Farthing,  Cisco Nascimento and newly minted half centurion Rory Taylor.  No easy beats by any imagination.

He rides KS Waveskis, and wears Tiki Wetsuits.